Day trips from Sheffield

Interesting day trips you can do from Sheffield

Here’s what to do if you want to explore the Sheffield surroundings.

Located in north of England, Sheffield is a large and cosmopolitan city with plenty of attractions covering everything from museums and monuments to gardens and galleries. Sheffield is one of the biggest cities in the Yorkshire region and the surrounding area is well worth checking out. Here are the best things to do during your city break in Sheffield.
Sheffield Botanical Gardens
Just 2 miles out from the city centre you’ll find Sheffield Botanical Gardens, a green oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Located in 19 acres of land, this 19th century public park and botanical gardens features 5,000 species of plants with flowers from all around the world. The main feature in these beautiful gardens are the Grade II listed glass pavilions which house Asian banana plants, native Australian flora, tree ferns, cacti and other exotic plants. There is also an ancient bear pit which was once home to a black bear in the 1800s. Today, the Bear Pit has been completely restored and a 2.4m bear sculpture guards the entrance.
Wyming Brook Nature Reserve
The Wyming Brook Nature Reserve is a 20-minute drive west of Sheffield and one of the best days out in Sheffield. Once used as royal hunting woods, Wyming Brook is now a protected nature reserve with an abundance of local wildlife. It’s ideal for hikers, although there are also easy trails that walkers can do. Follow the babbling brook as it runs for over a kilometre into the Rivelin Dams and keep your eyes peeled for different birds, native plants, and fungi. Throughout the walk, you’ll cross mossy crags, fast-running streams and magnificent waterfalls. At the top of the trail is a park where you can enjoy a picnic and take in the views across the Rivelin Valley.
Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet
To understand a bit more about Sheffield’s past, visit the Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, an open-air museum on a former steel-working site. The site itself dates back to at least the 13th century and boasts a fine collection of 19th century industrial tools. See water-powered grinding wheels, worker’s houses, steel furnaces and tilt hammers and learn all about Sheffield industrial history. Highlights include the Crucible Furnace, the only furnace of its kind that still exists, and a Steam Engine built by the Davy Brothers of Sheffield. The Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet is just 15 minutes south of Sheffield city centre, right on the banks of the River Sheaf.
Sheffield Manor Lodge
One of Sheffield’s best kept secrets is Sheffield Manor, a 16th century lodge that was the country retreat for George Talbot, the 6th Earl of Shrewsbury. The house now lies in ruins, but costumed characters can take you through the remains to tell you about its history and show you parts of the kitchens, long gallery and the Turret House and its beautiful 17th century ceilings. The Turret House was also where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned and it’s even said that her ghost still haunts the manor today. Supernatural things aside, today there is an animal farm, plant nursery and local artists’ studios.
Peak Cavern
Located in the heart of the Peak District National Park is Peak Cavern, a large limestone show cave with running water. It’s known as the ‘Devil’s Arse’, due to the unfortunate noises the cave makes when the water drains away! Take a guided tour to see the unusual rock formations, the subterranean River Styx, and the imposing entrance chamber, the largest natural cave entrance in the British Isles. In the past, the caves have hosted events, concerts and even movie showings. This year, Peak Cavern will put on Christmas Carol concerts and several cover band performances.
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