St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral of Nice - Avenue Nicolas II, Nice

You believe in miracles? No? Well, you may change your mind. By touring the Russian Cathedral in Nice. On the wall hangs an icon of St. Nicholas that had once belonged to the son of Czar Alexander II, the Tsesarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich. Upon his early death, his mother gave the icon to the Russian church on Rue Longchamp. The icon was hung on the façade of a commemorative chapel. However, the sun and sea air caused the face to disappear completely. The icon was moved in 1912 to the newly constructed Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Nice. And in 1935, surprise! The face of St. Nicholas was once again visible! How? A miracle—no other explanation! Before visiting the cathedral, say a little prayer that St. Nicholas’ face is still there!St. Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral of Nice - Avenue Nicolas II, Nice
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