74 Zelazna Street

It's very easy to miss this place when you are strolling around Warsaw’s Wola District. Etgar Keret's House is lodged in a narrow gap between an old tenement house and a block of flats. Its width doesn’t go beyond 160cm! According to Polish building law, Etgar Keret's House is not considered as a house. However, due to its exceptional construction, a human could easily live in this place. The living space of only 14 square meters occupies three floors. To get to the first floor, you need to take a staircase which can be accessed via a floor hatch. Top floor only fits a single bed and you can only get there via ladder. This place was created for broadly understood artistic activities. Meetings with musicians and writers, concerts, exhibitions and even workshops take place in this tiny but unique house. Will you try to fit in?
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