Somewhere in Johannesburg.

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If you find yourself in the Johannesburg suburb of Parkhust, try to find Braamfontein Spruit, the city’s longest waterway. Follow it upstream and you may, with a bit of luck, uncover one of Joburg’s best-guarded secrets. In the middle of this densely-packed suburb is a tiny green paradise that figures on no map and remains unknown even to municipal officials. The 8 lucky people who live in this haven on Braamfontein Spruit’s banks revealed the place to a reporter, allowing him to publish a story—but only if he kept the location a secret! Since then, the myth continues to grow, and locals go mad at the slightest clue about its whereabouts. It is supposedly at the end of a dead-end road, a woody area not easily accessed, where even the dustmen do not venture. But you did not hear about it from us. Somewhere in Johannesburg.
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